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17 Tips On What To Expect After Lasik Surgery

LASIK, or Laser in-situ keratomileusis, or simply Laser Eye Surgery, is a common eye surgery today and is often the most effective one for deserving candidates compared to alternative methods. However, this procedure is to be treated like a common operation and certain post operative care is essential for the operation to get its intended results.

What is to be expected after a LASIK operation? Well, the symptoms differ from person to person, however, a few common ones which are seen in most patients are as follows:

Immediately After the Operation

* Fluctuation of Vision.
The vision will not be very clear in the first couple of hours and will fluctuate from blurred to very clear for certain period of time.

* Dry Eyes.
The eyes will be devoid of the natural tear producing characteristic. This is one of the common problems observed in most patients.

* Sensitivity to Light.
The eyes will prefer darkness and will feel irritated in bright light, including artificial light. Exposure to bright light immediately after an operation is ill-advised.

* Glares and Halos.
The patient might see a halo around objects on which he/she focuses. This is due to the retina taking some time to adjust to the change in the focal lens.

* Burning, Itching and feeling of dust like particles within the eye.

Post Operative Symptoms

* Patients with a case of far sightedness might see a sudden improvement in their eyesight within a day of their operation. Distant objects might appear blurry for a few days, but soon the vision should correct itself. Cases of irritation and dry eyes have also been reported in a number of patients.

* Patients suffering from near sightedness will take some time to heal and will start to see distant objects within an hour's time. These patients might experience some trouble in reading immediately after the operation, but as the eye heals, this condition will improve. They are normally subscribed reading glasses for the duration while the eyesight improves.

Adherences to certain precautions after the LASIK operation are advisable for all patients. These are enumerated below:

* Take an appointment with your ophthalmologist and keep it.
* Don't assume your eyesight has become better just after beginning to see clearer. It might be a temporary condition. Post operative care is essential to sustain this improvement.
* After the operation, keep some one nearby to take you back home. Don't try testing your newly improved eyesight on the road.
* Do not expose your eyes to bright sunlight or to glaring fog/car lights.
* Avoid computer screens, movies and video as much as possible for a few days.
* Avoid dust and other contaminants from entering your eyes after an operation and for a few days after that.
* Wear eye shield at night for the prescribed time.
* Try not to play very strenuous sports or go to the gymnasium.
* Try and avoid the swimming pools and water parks for approximately 8 weeks after the operation.
* Contact your doctor immediately in case of a problem, which is not listed above, or in persisting problems. It's better to be safe than sorry.

The success of a LASIK surgery depends as much on the operating ophthalmologist, as it depends upon the patient. Proper care goes a long way in assisting the eye to recover faster and better.



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