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Lasik, Lasek, Laser, Oogchirurgie, Eximerlaser
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Affording Laser Eye Surgery

Many people believe that laser eye surgery especially LASIK eye surgery is far too expensive for their budget. However, just because new high tech equipment is being used does not necessarily mean that the surgery is out of the reach of most people. It is really a matter of how much you can afford to stop wearing corrective lenses to see the world clearly.

Laser eye surgery is not the same as going out and purchasing a new outfit. The outfit will be out of date before you know it, but your eyesight will last the rest of your life. If you take the average amount of money it costs for laser eye surgery, which is around $1,344 in 2005 and divide it out over the years that you will need your good vision you are not paying hardly anything. Think about it. If you get the surgery when you are 35 and your life expectancy is 85. That is 50 years of good eyesight. Now, divide the $1,344 by fifty years, the amount would only be $26.88. If you had to have your eyes examined and buy eyeglasses or contacts yearly you would have to pay more than that amount yearly. Therefore, if you receive laser eye surgery, in the end, you would be paying less for clearer vision.

If you still believe that this type of surgery is too expensive then take a look at the expenses of the ophthalmologist which include the purchase or lease of the laser, maintenance of the blades, maintenance of the laser equipment, rent on the building where they perform the laser eye surgery, gowns, masks, gloves, surgical solutions, medications, cleaning supplies, advertising costs, insurance, and in some cases when the laser is leased the ophthalmologist has to pay fees to the developer or manufacturer of the laser.

There are some things you can also do to learn exactly what you are paying for and compare prices from one licensed ophthalmologist with others.
Questions you should ask include:
In case of complications, or more surgeries, will I be charged?
What is included with the laser eye surgery?
What is not included?
What are the average costs of medications such as pain medication or anti-inflammatory medications?
Will I still have to wear temporary contact lenses or eye shields and if so, are they included in the fees?
Will follow up visits be included in the fee or are they extra?

You should take all of this into consideration when you are considering the cost of laser eye surgery.



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